Innovation Collider


At the heart of the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology is the concept of a Collider. It is the place where students, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders "collide" to create unexpected outcomes on projects. The outcomes include:

As a graphic designer for the Sutardja Center, I was tasked with creating an image that describes this concept, to be used in presentations and pitches to all relevant partners.

Final Product
  • I was given this image that'd been made on powerpoint to demonstrate what the final graphic should generally look like. The collider metaphor was interpreted rather literally, in that the participants are particles that collide to form new products.
  • This slide had been used several times to describe the convept of the collider, and there was concern that it didn't look polished enough.
  • Additionally, the image didn't fit the Sutardja Center Brand.
First redesign
  • First, I simplified the design, using only basic shapes and basic colors.
  • I used the Freight font family, consistent with the Sutardja Center brand.
  • For clarity, I tried my best to make the symbolism even more obvious. The idea behind the graphic is that as particles travel through the program, they are focused, excited, and collided to create new particles.
  • I received mostly positive feedback from this, with minor requests for changes in wording.
Final Product Again

The final version features a darker blue, which better matches the Sutardja Center brand. The dimensions of the graphic also lend itself to use as a banner.

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