Sierra Nevada Shampoo

Craft Beer is a Lifestyle

Collaborators: Karen Li, Sophia Morgan, Alice Pang, Bianca Romulo

The following project was completed in four hours as part of the annual Berkeley CMYK Designathon run by Innovative Design. This year, CMYK partnered with the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room in Berkeley to prompt a variety of design challenges.

The prompt our team chose was to design elements of a new line of Sierra Nevada shampoo consistent with the brand identity of the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room. We were required to deliver a logo for the product as well as two deliverables by the end of four hours. Our submission was voted Most Original by a team of professional product, graphic, and type designers.

Defining the problem

My teammates and I approached the prompt from a user-centric perspective. We identified the "problem" as: "I want my lifestyle products to reflect and reaffirm my personal brand." Our assumption was that the target users of the product would be those who identify strongly with the Sierra Nevada brand.

We also wanted some level of cohesion between Sierra Nevada's current product and the proposed new product. In essence, we wanted our shampoo to make users feel the way they do when they take a sip of Sierra Nevada's cool beer.


The next step was to brainstorm everything we knew about Sierra Nevada's brand and the Torpedo Room's brand. Luckily for us, a representative from the Torpedo Room was there to answer our questions. We had a lot of fun indiscriminately sticking words and phrases to our whiteboard and then organizing them into discrete categories.

We identified a few key qualities we knew would be important to integrate into our point of sale deliverable: namely, that the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room implies Craft, Sustainability, and Discovery.

Logo Design
  • Generate Lots of Alternatives: One of our guest speakers and judges, Jacob Berlow, suggested in his presentation that a good way to design is to generate lots of alternatives, weigh pros and cons, and reevaluate priorities. So that's what we did with the logo. Some key elements that kept showing up were science equiplment, hops, molecules, and mountains. We thought these elements were consistent with Sierra Nevada's brand and decided to highlight them if possible in our final design.
  • At one point, the idea of the birds eye view of a beer cap came up as a central shape. We combined this with the image of mountains and added a decorative ribbon with text on it, a feature of a lot of Sierra Nevada's bottle design.
  • We took inspiration from the Toblerone logo, which has the shape of a bear hidden in the side of a mountain. We similarly hid the shapes of hops, barley, and yeast, key ingredients of beer, in the side of a mountain. The drawing was done on illustrator so that we could vectorize and scale the image.
  • We eventually abandoned the bottle cap shape in favor of a simple circle because we thought it complicated the design. In order to maintain the Sierra Nevada Brand, we used Mephisto for the font.
Final Design
Deliverables Featuring the Logo
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