Collaborators: Karen Li, Sophia Morgan, Alice Pang, Bianca Romulo

The following project was completed in four hours as part of the annual Berkeley CMYK Designathon run by Innovative Design. This year, CMYK partnered with the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room in Berkeley to prompt a variety of design challenges.

The prompt our team chose was to design elements of a new line of Sierra Nevada shampoo consistent with the brand identity of the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room. We were required to deliver a logo for the product as well as two deliverables by the end of four hours. One of our deliverables was a reimagined tasting menu for the bar, which doubled as the point of sale for our new shampoo product. Our submission was voted Most Original by a team of professional product, graphic, and type designers.

Defining the problem

My teammates and I approached the prompt from a user-centric perspective. We identified the "problem" as: "I want my lifestyle products to reflect and reaffirm my personal brand." Our assumption was that the target users of the product would be those who identify strongly with the Sierra Nevada brand.

We also wanted some level of cohesion between Sierra Nevada's current product and the proposed new product. In essence, we wanted our shampoo to make users feel the way they do when they take a sip of Sierra Nevada's cool beer.


The next step was to brainstorm everything we knew about Sierra Nevada's brand and the Torpedo Room's brand. Luckily for us, a representative from the Torpedo Room was there to answer our questions. We had a lot of fun indiscriminately sticking words and phrases to our whiteboard and then organizing them into discrete categories.

We identified a few key qualities we knew would be important to integrate into our point of sale deliverable: namely, that the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room implies Craft, Sustainability, and Discovery.


Since none of us had worked as a bartender at a craft beer bar, we made sure to ask the representative plenty of questions about the specific needs and challenges surrounding the tasting menu. Fortunately for us, Santino provided several valuable insights:

Some Design Flaws We identified
  • The torpedo room logo is situated above the spots for drinks, meaning it would be obscured most of the time.
  • The current design wastes a lot of paper, which doesn't fit the Sierra Nevada ideal of sustainability.
  • It would be nice to incorporate the crackers in an updated design, since this is something that doesn't change.
Our Solution
  • Use better materials: Replace the flimsy, one-time use paper menus with a reusable wooden placesetting. The more durable material will also reflect the craft, sexiness, and outdoorsiness associated with the Sierra Nevada Brand.
  • Customizable beer cards: Lasercut in wood, containing all the information the bartender would normally have to write about each beer. This will save time for the bartender and provide clarity for the guest. Furthermore, the use of laser-cutting embodies the precision and care Sierra Nevada puts into each batch of beer. Holes in the cards will provide a depression in which glasses can rest.
  • Add a cracker well to minimize moving parts
  • Display advertisements for Sierra Nevada Shampoo through the holes in the beer cards.
  • Rearrange visual elements on the menu to maximize visibility of the Torpedo Room and Sierra Nevada Logos.
Initial Prototype

Sketching and Lasercutting by Sophia and Alice. Fritos consumed by the judges.

Future Directions

We were really happy with what we were able to accomplish in the span of four hours. So happy that we're scheduled to meet with Santino to discuss building this product for actual use in the torpedo room. Some improvements we noticed we needed right away were a better finish on the wood, the inclusion of some brand elements we left out of the first design, and whatever insights people at the Torpedo Room might have. I'll update this page as things happen.

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