World Literacy Project


World Literacy Project seeks to raise awareness on international issues relating to poverty, illiteracy, and gender inequity. One way it reaches out to the community is through Educational Outreach Programs (EOP). EOP works with children to educate them on international affairs, literacy, and cultural diversity through interactive games, reading and writing exercises, and arts and crafts. Every year, WLP also designs and implements one international literacy program. In the past, it's worked worked with BuildOn to build a school in Nicaragua, taught computer literacy in Guatemala, and implemented activities at a sustainable kindergarten in Peru.

As publicity director, one of my projects was to redesign the club logo.

Old Logo
  • I had some problems with the old logo. The first was that it looked like a collection of clip art that had been spliced together. I felt the logo lacked a sense of professionalism that we would need if we wanted to be taken seriously.
  • I also had my qualms about the typography, which featured a felt marker font.
  • Finally, I thought there were too many colors in the logo, making it visually crowded and difficult to print on publicity materials.
New Logo
  • First, I took away the googly eyes and clip art aesthetic in favor of a more straightforward, professional look.
  • I also decided to reduce the number of colors for two reasons: first, I thought it made the logo less visually complicated, and second, It reduced the cost of printing the logo on publicity materials.
  • For the new logo typography, I chose to use DIN. My rationale was that legibility would be paramount for a logo, especially one advocating literacy. DIN was first designed for use on German traffic signs, so I found it fitting.
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